IntKnowledgeHub has been commenced to achieve the vision of building research information easily accessible, to support research and academic institutions, societies academic, research groups and related entities. Thus, we would like to invite scholars, researchers, lecturers, professionals, scientist, graduate students and others to join our membership.

IntKnowledgeHub launched Global Academic and Industrial Network (GAIN) in 2018. GAIN is a network designed to gather the academic leaders and industry leaders to discuss on the global issues and remedy for better living. All the registered members will be listed in GAIN portal for networking and collaboration purposes.


Membership Benefits -

a. Members shall receive first-hand information on the future conferences, training and seminar

b. Members shall receive newsletter on regular basis that focus on research, publication and collaboration.

c. Members shall enjoy special rate at the conferences, subject to the approval from time to time.

d. Members shall be invited as session chair and keynote speakers in our future conferences

e. Members shall get expert advice in the organisation for career progress and international research opportunity.

For conference delegates, the membership form will be distributed during our conferences fo r membership application !
For open membership application, Please email your particulars with CV for membership application !